Tokyo Ghoul Re 106 Spoilers and Chapter 105 Recap: The Secret of Clowns; Black Goat Vs Suzuya?s Squad?

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Tokyo Ghoul Re 106 Spoilers

War has begun once again as the Clowns invade the CCG wards. This time, they?ve included the main office. What could Souta Furuta be plotting? Here is a chapter 105 recap as well as Tokyo Ghoul Re 106 spoilers.

Clowns Attack

During the festival in the 9th ward, Clowns with balloons appear. A Clown offers his balloon to a kid and it explodes, killing the kid and the Clown. Soon the rest of them follow, chasing citizens and blowing them up. First to arrive to fight is Gori, Takeomi and Kuroiwa.

The CCG also fight off Clowns in the 18th ward and in the 2nd ward, which are led by Tanakamaru, Urie and Saiko. They are assuming that if Furuta?s predictions are true, the Clowns are now headed towards the CCG main office.

Meanwhile at the main office, Matsuri mocks Ui for believing Furuta since no attacks have been reported in the 1st ward. Ui ignores him and instructs Suzuya to guard the main office, and he splits S1 Squad into three groups. To Matsuri?s surprise, an alert comes in that Clowns have surrounded the main office.

Furuta enters the control room and takes charge. He orders everyone to head to their battle stations and for Suzuya to lead the S3 Squad. Suzuya then prepares for combat while Matsuri is commanded to command the rear guard.

The chapter ends with Furuta revealing that he will jokingly protect the CCG. Kaneki with Shuu and the White Suits appear in 22nd ward.

Tokyo Ghoul Re 106 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul Re 106 Spoilers

Many believe that these Clowns are nothing but Kanou?s Quinx, being that they don?t have their own consciousness. It will be revealed in Tokyo Ghoul Re 106 that all of these are set up by Furuta, to create a situation where he becomes the hero in the end.

Also, fans speculate that Kaneki?s group, the Black Goat, will soon encounter Suzuya and the S3 Squad. Some say they will fight, while others say they will work together to fight the Clowns.

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