Tokyo Ghoul Re 105 Spoilers: Takeomi?s Death

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Tokyo Ghoul Re 105 Spoilers

Chapter 104, ?Sudden Death? was an ominous chapter. You can easily presume that something terrible is about to happen after this. It could be a tragic death of a character in the next chapter. Could it be that Takeomi will soon die in Tokyo Ghoul Re 105?

Takeomi?s Engagement

Saiko is seen telling Touma the events that happened during Takeomi?s marriage proposal. Urie is in the same room pretending not to care.

Also in this chapter, Kiyoko hears about Takeomi?s engagement through his father Iwao. The two talk about Iwao being a grandfather soon and his search for Akira. Soon after he leaves, Keijin appears to visit Kiyoko.

Keijin reports to her CCG?s next move. He also reveals that Koori Ui is behind the plan. This surprises Kiyoko who initially presumed it was Matsuri. Kiyoko then asks Keijin to keep an eye on his nephew Shinsanpei. She also requests that he relay her message to Shinsanpei.

Tokyo Ghoul Re 105 Spoilers

Koori Ui

Koori, along with Souta, encounters Matsuri in the hallway. Matsuri brings up the approval of operations that should have been his duty and not Koori?s. The tense discussion ends with Koori taking all the responsibility and Matsuri walks away irritated.

Koori shows Souta that he supports him and that his data is good.

The Black Goat

The suits are now ready and Kaneki reveals the grouping. He splits the group into two, one is the Suits Group while the other is the Lab Group. Kaneki says the chosen ones for the Lab Group are those he believes can ?take a hit?. These are Ayato, Kurona, Nishiki and Kaneki himself.

For the Suits Group it will be the White Suits and 0 Squad led by Tsukiyama. However, Seidou Takizawa appears and expresses his interest in helping. Kaneki moves Nishiki to the Suits to give way to Takizawa. The rest are to stay in the head quarters and to handle communications.

Touka requests Kaneki that they talk afterwards. Could this be about Arata Kirishima?

In Tokyo Ghoul Re 105, rumor has it that Takeomi will meet his death. Perhaps it was because Yoriko asked him to look for Touka Kirishima at the CCG lab. Some predict that Kaneki?s group will clash against him.

Chapter 104 ends with a news report. Clowns are seen at the Valentine?s Day Fair.

Expect another war to break on Tokyo Ghoul Re 105. Keep it here on the BitBag for more spoilers and updates.

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