Tokyo Ghoul Re 102 Spoilers: White Suits to Fight Alongside the CCG?

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Tokyo Ghoul Re 102 Spoilers

Chapter 101 gave us a clear idea of what Furuta is plotting when he wiped out the entire Washuu family. He has almost the same goal with Kaneki, however, Furuta wants Kaneki to be the villain that both CCG and the ghouls will fight. Why? Here is a chapter 101 recap and spoilers for Tokyo Ghoul Re 102.

Furuta?s Master Plan

As Kaneki and Furuta converse, Furuta reveals his master plan. Kaneki wanted to have talks with the Washuu family that sits above the CCG. Unfortunately, Furuta beat him to it and slaughtered the clan. Furuta admits to Kaneki that he is behind it.

Furuta then asks Kaneki to take the blame for it as he too wants the future of humanity to be bright. He believes that only when faced with a great enemy will the CCG and Ghouls work together. Kaneki expresses his disagreement on Furuta getting all the credit later on and tries to end their negotiations.

Tokyo Ghoul Re 102 Spoilers

Rize and Furuta

In this chapter we also discover that Rize, Furuta, and even Kishou Arima?s roles in V. While Furuta and Arima are tasked to carry the blood of humans, Rize is on the other hand is tasked to preserve the pure Washuu bloodline as ?wombs?.

Furuta also reveals that he was in love with Rize and did not want her to be raped by his old man and give birth to his offsprings. Furuta helps her to escape and was expecting Rize will come to him. Sadly she did not pay him any attention once she had her freedom. But Furuta thinks, now that the head of Washuu is dead, perhaps he can marry Rize now and have many kids with her.

In Tokyo Ghoul Re 102, Furuta?s plan to make Kaneki the great enemy will continue. After the breach in the 19th and 22nd ward, it will surely extend into a plan of wiping out the bureau.

Kaneki asks Tsukiyama to gather a large group of White Suits. What could he be planning? Rumor has it that he could be plotting a counter move – he will ask the White Suits to help the CCG to clear his name. He will probably expose Furuta?s master plan.

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