Tokyo Ghoul Re 101 Spoilers: Mutsuki Is A Serial Killer?

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Tokyo Ghoul Re 110 Spoilers

The CCG is now regrouping and pondering on who will be Chief Tsuneyoshi?s successor. Will they follow the deceased chief?s will or will they nominate Matsuri? Will Kaneki and Furuta clash in the next chapter? Here is a recap of chapter 100 and spoilers for Tokyo Ghoul Re 101.

Furuta and Matsuri

In chapter 100, it seems that Ui asks Matsuri about Chairman Washuu Tsuneyoshi?s will. The handwritten letter that was found on his desk says, ?I recommend Furuta Souta of the Washuu branch family to assume position of the next Bureau Director.?

Ui is not happy about this. He believes Furuta is not qualified as he lacks rank, expertise, and achievements. However, Ui knows they cannot ignore Tsuneyoshi?s will. As of now, we see Furuta playing the innocent card. However, in Tokyo Ghoul Re 101 and beyond, things might take a different turn and divide the CCG into Matsuri supporters and Furuta supporters.

Meanwhile, Urie gets summoned by Matsuri. Matsuri asks him if he can kill Haise, his former superior. To which Urie replies, ?Special class, what I need is not to be reaffirmed but an [order]? Matsuri then reveals to Urie that he suspects Furuta to be behind the killing of the Washuu family. He orders Urie to keep an eye on him as well. Surprisingly, as Urie left the room, Matsuri reveals his true self and his true feelings – he is in love with Urie.


In this chapter, Mutsuki had a chat with Saiko, who tried to ask her a personal question. Mutsuki calmly answers before Saiko had the chance to ask, admitting to her that she is female. Mutsuki leaves and the panel focuses on Saiko, watching her walk away. She says that she knew she was a girl but what she wanted to say is that she smells blood from Mutsuki.

Tokyo Ghoul Re 110 Spoilers

Rumor has it that in Tokyo Ghoul Re 101, it will be revealed that Mutsuki is a human killer.

If you recall, her past involved tremendous trauma that led her first to kill cats, then ghouls, and perhaps now, she finds killing humans fun. She could be a villain in the making.

Chapter 100 ends with the meeting of Furuta and Kaneki. Some believe their battle will not happen yet while others say they will fight. Though we can be sure that the next chapter will reveal to us the concept of Furuta?s peace versu Kaneki?s.

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