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Tokyo Game Show 2015 Updates: Metal Gear Online, Final Fantasy 15, Persona 5, And More Exciting Games To Be Revealed

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Tokyo Game Show 2015 will bring new gameplay videos and details for long-awaited games such as Final Fantasy 15, The Last Guardian, Persona 5, and more. Metal Gear Online will also be playable in TGS 2015. Here are all the best video games announcements you can expect at TGS 2015:

Metal Gear Online

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain has already been made available since September 1, however, the multiplayer online component which lets you fight competitively with other players is still unavailable. Attendees of the expo will be the first ones to get their hands-on Metal Gear Online, Gearnuke reported.

Multiplayer booths for 8 vs 8 matches will be setup and you can enjoy watching the matches in real time as the battles will be livestreamed. You can watch the matches by heading over at Gearnuke?s website. A MGS5 TPP update has also gone live and you can know more about it here. Metal Gear Online will be available for consoles this October 6 and sometime in July for PC gamers.

Street Fighter 5

Ryu in Street Fighter 5

Capcom has been continually making new announcements for new fighters in Street Fighter 5. A new fighter will again be revealed this September 20, Event Hubs reported. Do you think it?ll be a returning fighter? Street Fighter 5 will be released exclusively for PS4 sometime during Spring in 2016.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian

From the makers of the acclaimed niche titles Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, The Last Guardian was introduced to the public since 2009 and Sony has recently released a new gameplay trailer this E3 2015 including an announcement that the game will finally arrive exclusively on the PlayStation4 sometime in 2016. We?ll probably see The Last Guardian this TGS as the developers recently teased their game on Twitter,VG247 reported.

Persona 5

The Role Playing Game with funky music and dating aspects, Persona 5, currently has a 2015 release date for both PS3 and PS4. We?ll probably see a new gameplay trailer for the game accompanied by a concrete release date as Atlus will host a ?Persona Special Stage?. Atlus will present numerous content for Persona this September 18, Siliconera reported.

Tokyo Games Show 2015 will run from September 17 to 20. Meanwhile, Sony will hold a press conference today, September 15, and you can know where to live stream and what to expect at the event here.

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