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I got a response from Todd on the comments section about his email. I was surprised by the response. Here’s both his and my response for anyone who’s kept up with this:

Hi Torrence,

This is Todd Murchison. I hadn?t planned on taking part in the flame war my comments seem to have sparked, but when I discovered an entire page devoted to responding to what I had written, I felt I should reply.

First, I would like to point out that what I wrote, I wrote as part of an email thread amongst friends and ex-colleagues. I did not author the words as a BLOG post or with the intent of having them gain notice in the world at large. This was naive of me. I should know better. Anything sent off into the net is public domain I suppose, even emails. In all honesty I even gave permission for my words to be used in the original BLOG post. At the time I had forgotten about my unflattering remarks regarding the Xbox 360 and had no clue so many people might end up seeing it.

Now, for the record, I am absolutely a ?PS3 fan-boy?. I have never made any efforts to hide this. I have been a big fan of Sony?s gamming platforms since the days of the original Playstation. Furthermore I have an irrational aversion to the Xbox 360 (and its predecessor). My dislike for the Xbox platform is derived from a small number of valid criticisms and a large number of aesthetic, emotional, or, as stated above, irrational reasons.

If I had been writing for a BLOG or some other form of publication (as opposed to an email) I would most certainly have made an effort to stay level headed and stick to facts. As it is, the carless shots I took at the 360 simply make what I wrote less credible and any good or well thought out points I might have made get lost.

I would be happy to write more balanced, well thought out pieces on why I favor the PS3, why I have historically liked the Playstation platform, or why I do not like the Xbox or its predecessor. My emails that got post are not these writings. I make a number of good points in these emails, but I also allowed myself the liberty of a small amount of unfounded ranting.

To specifically address some of your concerns; my ?beer guzzling, frat-boy, FPS playing? remark was an un-credited homage to one of my favorite game reviewers Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw of The Escapist?s Zero Punctuation. They are not originally my words. ( http://www.escapistmagazine…

For the record ?Beautiful Katamari? is the 4th game in a serious. All previous Katamari games have been exclusively available on Playstations. I actually have the first one for my PS2. (…

Not to sound too defensive, but I do consider myself as having a fairly long and informed gaming history. In the late 90s I even worked as a developer for a small game company called VR1. Your complaints are valid, however. As I said, I was not writing with the knowledge that it would be seen by a large number of people and because of that I allowed myself the freedom to make unnecessarily derogatory remarks.

I do have to wonder, though, if the post would have gotten so much attention if it hadn?t included those rips on the 360…


My response:

Wow…I totally did not expect a response from you and definitely not one of this caliber. Maybe I misjudged you. I called you an idiot out of anger and I apologize for that. My problem is that you were hyped up as this guru and ‘gamer’ but you slammed the Xbox 360 from a very bias point of view. I don’t have any issues with your claims about the PS3. It IS a great system. As a gamer, however, how can you make such irrational claims about the 360 when it has such wonderful games? Like myself, I would expect someone like you to own BOTH systems so you could enjoy the benefits that each has to offer. Yeah, the 360 had faulty hardware design, but we are past that.

Amongst the many shooters are some very good games. I don’t know if you have every had the enjoyment of using Xbox Live, but it IS something Sony should engineer PSN after. Lastly, Divx streaming is also available on Xbox 360 and works as well as it does on PS3.

I understand that the email wasn’t supposed to ‘get out’. I will gladly post your response on my site if you allow me to. There’s noting wrong with loving the Playstation line. Who doesn’t? There is something wrong with ignoring greatness in other systems and calling yourself a gamer at the same time. You see that a lot on

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