Today?s thin, lightweight, portable laptops meet the world?s smallest adapter ? the Dart

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FINsix (?Frequency Innovation?) a company that was founded by a team of MIT graduate students had gone into crowdfunding mode with its own creation ? the world?s smallest laptop adapter ? the Dart, reports said.

Finsix a team whose goal is to use technology to build the smallest, lightest, and highest-performing power electronics, said “we chose the laptop adapter as our first product and set about the task of making VHF power ready for commercial production.”

Moreover, crowdfunding group Kickstarter said, ?The Dart is the world?s smallest, lightest laptop adapter. It is a 2.5 cubic inches adapter, 60 grams in weight, with 6 feet cable length and AC Input of 90V – 265V, 50/60Hz. At a powerful 65W it is a perfect complement to today?s thin, lightweight, portable laptops. It fits in a pocket and is designed with a USB port and single outlet profile to make it easy for you to stay charged up when you’re on the road. We hope you are as excited about the Dart as we are and looking forward to finally carrying just one, tiny Dart to charge all your electronics.?

Moreover, FINsix is offering 5 standard colors in Kickstarter: Silver, Magenta, Blue, Gunmetal, and Orange. “We are also offering 200 custom units for people who want a custom design, color or set of colors. We may change our color offerings when we begin volume production.”


At four times smaller than today’s 65W adapters, the Dart creates more space for the rest of your life.

One socket, one adapter for multiple gadgets. Dart?s laptop plus USB port allow you to charge from one outlet.

Weighing in at six times lighter than the brick you’re lugging around today, the Dart lightens your load.

The Dart works with all major PC brands and can be used anywhere in the world.

With brushed aluminum, attractive design, and striking colors Dart matches your modern laptop.

Engineered to carry all that power in a small package, without being a space heater.

FINsix will begin the production of the Dart for North America in the fall of 2014. “Our target ship date is November 15th, 2014. The target ship date for the international Dart is March 2015,” FINsix said.

In addition to Kickstarter which offers the Dart starting at $79, the Dart will be sold direct on FINsix?s website. ?It will also be available through a variety of retailers and e-tailers. A list of authorized dealers will be posted on FINsix?s website once production begins,? FINsix said.

For complete list of compatible laptop brands with Dart, visit FINsix at

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