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Old yet should not go unnoticed by any gamer. The first one was released state side during the reigning PS1 era, but the sequel did not see the light of day over here…Now I think most of you have heard but never played this game, because of either Sony or Square had a brilliant idea of NOT bringing this game state side. The Douche Award goes to either one.

I picked this game up in Akihabara yesterday along with a Japanese PS2 for almost dirt cheap. But God damn does this game beat the snot out of the first one!

Graphics: A much better style and the polygons are increased a bit to give the characters more of a good look than the first one. The art style is of course the same, but the textures have also improved. You can now see brick texture in the labrynth instead of a big brown wall in the first one, lol.

Sound/Music: Did I already mention this is better than the first one? Yeah, this area has also improved with the grunting and moves.

Gameplay: Gives me a stiffy everytime I get a new character and beat the living crap out of Udon. The controls are “flexible” this time around, but that also depends on the character you use. The Labrynth/Dungeon section is also much better. With more levels, monsters, items, and other goodies along the way. Such as capturing a monster (ala Pokemon style) and then using it later on for yourself.

Awesome game, pick it up if you have a modded PS1 or PS2.

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