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To Save or Sacrifice? An Overview of Soul Sacrifice Sorceror Builds

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For the grueling life of a sorcerer in Soul Sacrifice, the question of customization is a very simple yet complicated one. Divine or Chaos? Each build is acquired based on the decisions you make after successfully felling a monster or archfiend. Should you save or sacrifice? Here is TheBitBag?s look at each build and our final say as to what makes you the best (and most badass) sorcerer in this thrilling grinder for the PS Vita.

The Divine Arm Build


Damage ? This is obviously not the best damaging build one can come up with because you have to sacrifice attack damage over defense and recovery. Compared to a chaos player, you will not do as much damage and you will find yourself on a shortage on offerings. You?ll notice that it will also take longer to finish quests alone. This build literally makes you a wall. You?re hard to kill, but you also have a hard time killing, although it makes you look like a sweet crossover between Digimon and Magic: The Gathering. The divine arm build is one of the prettiest in the game.

Sigils ? In terms of essences and sigils that depend on a higher life level, divine arms can only enjoy LONGER status ailments rather than HIGHER CHANCES of inflicting them. It is also more difficult for players to farm these sigils alone because of your low damage.

Online Play ? We would have to say this build is fantastic for support play. Since you?re hard to kill, you have larger chances of surviving archfiend wind-up attacks that can wipe out chaos arm users in one hit. You?re more likely the last person standing and that makes you very useful to a team full of nukers with full chaos levels. This means your satchel should have more recovery than combat combinations of offerings to make you as useful as possible. Be prepared to do a lot of saving though as your team mates will mostly rely on you to be reviving them should they be careless enough to get hit.

The Chaos Arm Build


Damage ? This build makes you feel like Al Pacino in “Scarface.” Each time you launch an Irondrake Egg, you?re sure to see the effects. Your attacks are most likely to put dents into enemy HP and finish them off. This build is good for playing solo but TheBitBag advises that you practice on your dodging because chaos players are akin to being taken out immediately by a good, strong hit by an archfiend. The full chaos build completely turns your avatar into a demon. We?re not exactly happy seeing bad-ass demons getting knocked in one hit though.

Sigils ? As opposed to divine players, chaos players enjoy a higher rate of freezing or burning or shocking or poisoning archfiends with the sigils at their disposal. Although their window of opportunities are smaller because the durations aren?t as long, all a chaos player needs is a few seconds to land a fully-charged Lightning God Arm punch to a frozen archfiend without the help of any sigils.

Online Play ? We recommend this build for the player who wants to do more of the hitting. But the online SS community is full of these people and finding willing parties to take you in may require some time. It?s like selling watches in a room full of smart phone users. Another suggestions is to abandon online play and just simply kick ass on your own if you don?t have any friends to play with via Ad Hoc.


There are more variations of these builds depending on the degree of difference between the life and magic levels of a sorcerer. We here at TheBitBag suggest keeping two saved files; one in divine, one in chaos so that you can enjoy the best of both sorceror builds.


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