Tiziana Cantone Sex Tape Online Links Caused Suicide: Is Social Media Out Of Control?

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The leaked sex tape is believed to be the reason for Tiziana Cantone?s death. As per the reports, Tiziana was highly humiliated on social media due to a sex tape and finally she decided to commit suicide.

She sent her sex tape to her former boyfriend. Cantone was with another man in the video. Her former boyfriend wanted to take revenge on her. So rather keeping quiet, he uploaded it on social media.

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Cantone?s sex tape was widely circulated on social media. It was also found on porn sites, according to The Sun. Cantone?s full name and identity were also disclosed. Cantone was criticized by many.

Cantone had sent six videos to her former boyfriend to her most trusted people. In Italy Cantone?s memes became very popular. They were circulated around on Whatsapp with the quote ???Mi stai facendo il video? Bravo? (?You?re making the video? Good). Some companies also used those quotes for marketing. Those quotes turned out as jokes in Italy.

Due to the cyber bullying, Cantone was in depression. Her mother has revealed that she was consuming alcohol when she was too hurt .

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Later she left her job and moved to the countryside in Tuscany. She wanted to change her name. Tiziana had made several attempts to remove her sex tape from social media. She had requested ??Google, Facebook Ireland, Yahoo Italy and YouTube to remove her sex tape. But nothing helped her. She thought of ending her life and committed suicide in her aunt?s house a couple of days ago.

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?She wanted to leave everything behind. She had spoken of her desire to leave everything behind, and to close with the past. I wonder how anyone can be so fierce, how to rage against a girl who has not done anything wrong. I think that they should be ashamed of all those who have filled the web of insults and meanwhile secretly watched the images,? Cantone?s friend said.

Police have registered the case and investigation is going on. Stay connected to The BitBag for more updates.

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