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Titles for Playstation, XBox One Backwards Compatibility Games For July

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It?s a no-brainer that PlayStation?s PlayStation Plus and Microsoft?s Xbox One backwards compatibility features are being compared side by side, but it?s their offer of games that totally leaves them apart. For a time, the Xbox One backwards compatible titles dominated the news after it was featured that Xbox 360 games will be slowly integrated to the Xbox One console, something that the PlayStation platform has not totally adapted yet.

Now, the competition on who?s got the better game lies in the titles the two gaming platforms will offer their fans. In a report by ComingSoon, the PlayStation Plus pretty much wrapped up its lineup with titles like ?Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood,? ?Saints Row: Gat out of Hell,? ?Furi,? ?Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines,? ?Fat Princess? and ?Prince of Persia: Revelation.?

Xbox Live Gold Members, on the other hand, have ?The Banner Saga 2,? ?Tumblestone,? Tom Clancy?s ?Rainbow Six Vegas 2? and ?TRON: Evolution.? The Xbox lineup differs in such a way that they are handled in a scheduled mode. Despite coming in the XBox Live Games feature for free, players are also given a specific date to download the game for free. Otherwise, they may need to buy the game for its regular price.

Check out ?schedule of download for Xbox Live Gold Games:

  • The Banner Saga 2 – Free for the whole month of July
  • Tumblestone – July 16 to August 15
  • Tom Clancy?s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – July 1 – 15
  • TRON: Evolution – July 16 – 31

If there?s anything else for the two gaming platforms, the competition on their game exclusives has been one of their most significant features to date. And usually, as the year progresses, the intensity of the titles they release become one of their most profitable feature.

Most recently, Microsoft released a flurry of Xbox One backwards compatibility titles as well as Xbox Live Games with Gold after slightly disappointing fans during the E3 2016 for not mentioning any titles from the features.

Is your favorite game already included in the list? What PlayStation Plus and Xbox One backwards compatibility do you want to see soon? For the latest updates on games, make sure to read on in

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