Titanfall’s Fifth Game Update And Second DLC Pack, Frontier’s Edge Will Launch On July 31

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The second map pack as well as the fifth update to the game Titanfall is soon to be released, with just less than a week to wait. So what can fans and gamers expect from these changes?

First of all, to those who are not aware of when these are set to be rolled out, the scheduled date is this coming 31st of July. This means that the rolling out of the second DLC pack of Titanfall is just less than a week away, and?Respawn Entertainment, the developer of the game, made an official announcement a few days ago that come July 31, Frontier’s Edge will finally arrive.

Respawn also noted in the video stream (which you can view online) that fans and gamers will be provided with patch notes along with the free game update. ?These updates, by the way, will also provide Frontier’s Edge’s biggest addition, the Black Market, which is the in-game store. Here, players will be able to buy various items such as burn card packages, Titan insignias, and XP boosts among many others. These?will also be made available in exchange for a new type of currency, and the credits can be earned through combating in matches, completing of daily challenges, as well as putting up burn cards for sale.

The other note-worthy aspects of the soon-to-be released update of Titanfall include the multi-GPU support (for the PC), a notification feature (in cases wherein flag carriers will hops aboard the player?s Titan) as well as other fixes for known and reported bugs.

It is a good thing that there have been no announcements or reports of the second DLC pack being delayed. There?s only 6 more days left, and we all know that fans of the game can?t wait to get their hands on the update.

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