‘Titanfall’ Update Data Shows Potential Future Game Modes

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Titanfall Screenshot
Titanfall Screenshot

Titanfall?s hype ?has slowed down in the previous months, but many players still appreciate and play the game. Even though that Titanfall failed in being a game that will stay as a strong system-seller for a very long time, it still had its fair share of Xbox One sales ?and there?s no argument about that. It also did considerably well in being a standalone Xbox 360 game on its own. With the future installments that could expand to other consoles, Titanfall is sure to stay around for a very long while.

Still, the original Titanfall could use some improvement. With the first wave of updates in the form of three DLCs, the ?Expedition?, did add some maps, but this didn?t do much help to players who are looking for even more variety in the gameplay, like additional weapons, perks and Titan models. Of course, Respawn listens to its fan base, and they did add some new game modes and some additional customization options.

While this is just another set of fillers, which may not really last that long, thanks to smart code readers, we were able to get a peek on the ?possible? future updates for Titanfall.

These lines of code were discovered by contributors in NeoGAF. However, we really cannot be sure if these ?modes? are for future updates, or ones who just got dumped by Respawn because they were obsolete.

Here?s what they found and how it exactly looked like:

Wingman Last Titan Standing:

Last team with Titans standing wins.

Marked for Death:

Kill the marked pilot.

Titan Tag:

No description

Capture the Titan:

Capture the Titan and bring it to your base.

Related text:

Get your team?s Titan to the capture point.

Don?t let enemy Titan reach the capture point.

Bodyguard (TITAN_ESCORT)

No description

Capture the Titan/Bodyguard related text:






Big Brother:

Attack and defend the control panel.

Related text:

The program was stopped.

You launched the virus.

Defend the panel.

The virus has been launched.

The clock is ticking.

A teammate launched the virus.

Hack the panel before it finishes.


These game modes may or may not bring in more variety in the game?s overall feel. All of them sounds like they?re just a variant of most game modes that already exist, but there?s a small possibility that these game modes, if ever they come out, will provide some nice changes. ?Capture The Titan? sounds pretty intriguing.

Image Source: titanfall.com

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