Titanfall Tips and Tricks To Speed Up Your Novice-To-God Transformation

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Titanfall tips and tricks

Titanfall, developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, is one of this year?s most popular titles. It was released for Microsoft?s Xbox One consoles and PCs on March 2014 and on the following month for the Xbox 360. In the game, you get to control pilots and huge, heavily-armed mechs that can bring destruction in no time. They are powerful, yes, but don?t just go around flaunting your guns and missiles with nothing up your sleeves. Here are some quick Titanfall tips and tricks to improve your performance.

If you?re a Titanfall noob, the Smart Pistol is your BFF

In most first-person shooting games, beginners who are not able to learn shooting mechanics fast enough are easily killed off. But Titanfall provided sort of a counterweight to help novices; it?s called the Smart Pistol. This heaven-sent weapon auto-targets enemies so beginners need not worry when it comes to aiming. Although the Smart Pistol can kill grunts with one shot, it will need several trigger pulls to kill human-controlled mechs.

Grunts! Kill them all!

These bots are A.I.-controlled, so in most cases they can be easy targets for you and help you gain more points. Grunts are endemic in the game and as such they?re not that dangerous. However, they shouldn?t be your main focus ? kill them only when you have the chance. Upon seeing a large group of Grunts, hurl a grenade in their direction and move away. Be careful though, when you?re in an area with lots of Grunts, it?s very likely that another enemy Pilot is also nearby.

Don a Suppressor

It doesn?t get any better than to know where your enemies are while you maintain you own location?s anonymity. Similar to what we shared in a Battlefield 4 tip, you should equip yourself with a Suppressor to stay hidden from the game?s mini map. Heed this Titanfall tip at all costs as you?ll have more than enough problems trying to save your life in Titanfall.

Put on the Cloak

The Cloak is a vital tool to help get the most out of your Titanfall experience. This functions in a similar way with the Suppressor, but it?s different when it comes to execution. The cloak can make your pilot semi-invisible for a certain amount of time. (Disclaimer: This is in no way the same with Harry Potter?s Invisible Cloak, okay?) While donning it, you?ll have the opportunity to sneak up, evade and snipe on your enemies, i.e. those walking on foot and using Titans. But there?s a catch, the cloak loses its magic (no pun intended) once you fire your weapon.


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