Titanfall Has a New Mode Called Marked For Death

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Titanfall has introduced a new mode called Marked for Death during their E3 hands on. It?s a breath of fresh air and should rekindle the fighting spirit of players who have been wanting something new coming out from the game title.

The mode starts by having a random player on each team be ?marked for death?. This means that teams have two options: they can either hunt down the targeted enemy player (highlighted in red on the map) or defend their teammate from the enemies (highlighted in blue). Players are awarded points based on different accomplishments like kills, deaths, surviving as a marked player, and protecting a targeted teammate.

There are several cycles of players being randomly targeted throughout the course of one match. The number of cycles depends on how long players can survive with the grim reaper hanging above their heads.

The gameplay can be very exhilarating and should make for a lot of replayability seeing as how there?s a random chance of being marked. Strategies can be varied and team play is the key to succeed in the game. There can be so many variations in strategy like setting up traps by using the marked player as bait, or going full out offense together with the marked player, or even just being in turtle mode and lay down the best defense possible. There are a lot of things that players can use and strategize to take their enemies by surprise.

Marked for Death also can cause the adrenaline to go wild from excitement. It can instill a sense of worry or call on your blood thirst depending on how the dice rolls.

The game?s new mode will be introduced in the upcoming June title update. Aside from the new mode, Titan customizations and Titan burn cards will also be made available. The update is scheduled to arrive in the next coming weeks for the Xbox One and the Windows PC. The Xbox 360 version should follow shortly after that. The reason for the delay for the Xbox 360 is due to Blupoint Games? efforts to integrate the patches.

Photo Source: Titanfall official website

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