Titanfall DLC May 2014 Release: Top Things You Will Get

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During the recent PAX East panel held last Saturday, Respawn Entertainment announced that its first ever DLC for Titanfall will be released this coming May. The paid and campaign continuing DLC is titled Expedition and there are some really interesting things to look forward to for the Xbox and PC shooter.

New maps

First up is the addition of three new maps that are going to be set after the game?s campaign. The first map potentially changes the way the game is actually played as it allows the pilots to wall walk or wall run from one tree to another. The map?s name is Swampland and it is littered with ruins from an alien civilization. The second map, named ?Runoff? is a map that is completely built around water. The third and last map is called ?War Games? and it is a training simulator based map. More details are set to be announced soon. This DLC content is included as part of the Season Pass that has a cost of $24.99. If that isn?t your fancy, you can opt to get the DLC only for $9.99.

New mode and Burn cards

Another reason that has fans excited is the addition of new modes. The first mode is a two on two version of the Last Titan Standing mode. Respawn is also working on new Burn Cards that are contained to different themes like Titan upgrades.

Micro updates

Aside from the main updates, there are also micro updates that were mentioned. One of them was a new way to match up with other Titanfall players. It?s a hashtag type of system which uses social media for matchmaking. It gives the users the ability to filter through private matches under certain categories. The best thing about these micro updates is that they are all totally free.


Some other things that Respawn is looking into involve some very highly requested features like competitive player stats as well as Titan insignias. Another feature they?re looking into is called ?riffs? which are tweaks to currently existing modes that can be put out for a limited amount of time same with what Left 4 Dead 2 did on some of their weekly mode updates.

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