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Take a Look: Titanfall Best Assets

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Image courtesy of Titanfall.com

Perhaps one of this year?s biggest and loudest releases, Titanfall provides an entirely enticing premise to mech-heads: You pilot a giant robot in the middle of a sprawling metropolitan. Sound entirely simple, right? Wrong: First off, there are other combatants in the area, and they are completely capable of kill-stealing that robot from you, if you?re not careful. If that?s not bad enough, consider this: There are other robots in the area as well, each as armed to the teeth as you, promising death in the event you hesitate to pull the trigger.

Many gamers were stoked at the game?s initial premise. Who wouldn?t? With robots, you can?t go wrong, except maybe Front Mission 3. Just look at games like MechWarrior and games featuring Gundam robots. Another thing is that Titanfall provides a real powerful experience, with the gameplay graphics providing powerful scenes of carnage and combat using these robots.

Image courtesy of Titanfall.com

Image courtesy of Titanfall.com

While Titanfall, as suggested by the name, focuses on giant mechs to do battle, by no means are you a sitting duck even without a mech. The metropolis, a sprawling community of tall, lanky buildings and unsightly billboards, was designed not because it was a fluke and the creators tried to hide unsightly pixels. If you think this is the case, you sadly haven?t played the game yet, or just don?t know the potential of the pilots.

It was mentioned that you could get killed even while you?re inside the mech, right? That?s basically right: the players, while without mech, aren?t easy targets to dispose of. If any, these mechs are actually bigger targets to spray a red spot on. They are no different from piloting a tank or a plane in a war simulation game. Even if the mech gives you a wide array of weapons to use, and protection from said weapons, it is a valid argument to just plain stay away from them.

Some gamers have even found that while the Titans (robots of the game) are the main premise of the game, there is also joy in fighting without the use of these lanky moving targets.

Citing 3D action games that feature characters moving around and interacting in environments seamlessly, the foot soldiers moving through the entire urban land-scape. Jumping and running at the side of the walls thanks to some futuristic gear that enables you to perform a sort of futuristic parkour, it actually makes your character a hard-to-hit character, making the game a step about your basic first-person shooter.

We all have that point-and-shoot character in us where we just lie in wait silently, watching as our prey steps into the crosshairs of our rifle, and we make our kill-shot. In Titanfall, however, you have the walls, buildings, and beams at your disposal. Think Tony Hawk: Pro Skater where you zip through different stages, but instead of collecting points, you collect kills. Instead of using a skateboard, you use a jet-pack to zip through the stages as if you?re Mario on steroids.

Image courtesy of Titanfall.com

Image courtesy of Titanfall.com

The credit belongs to the wonderful folks at Titanfall?s development studio, Respawn. A fun fact to know is that most of them used to work at Infinity Ward, which only developed a little game we know as Modern Warfare. By now, most of us know that it was probably one of the games which set the standards for singleplayer and multiplayer shooters, if not the only game that did that.

This fact bodes well for Titanfall, as it looks to continue its strong run through 2014. Sure, we can always spaz about using that big robot to finish off those pesky foot soldiers, but if it?s innovation and game-changing revolution we?re looking for, let it be Titanfall?s parkour-shooters and their unique killing style.

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