What is Titanfall and why is it amazing?

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Dubbed ‘the next big thing’ by various game magazines and websites, Titanfall combines the elements of Call of duty with all the most popular action games in the MMO game industry to date. Essentially, you get high-powered, fast infantry action in a shooter combined with the power and feel of a mech.

That’s right; in the same vein of Pacific Rim which came out a year ago much to the delight of gaming and mecha fans all over the world, you get to own and pilot a mech as the main point of gameplay. What’s more, EA has announced that it’s only releasing the game through Origin (its native game client ala Steam) and Xbox One. That means that PS4 exclusive players have been boxed out.

So why is Titanfall amazing? Here are the reasons:


1. You have a mech and you have to use it.

At the start of the game, you’re dropped onto the ground on your mech. As EA promises that microtransactions are now a thing of the past in their games, how you’re going to build your mech is dependent on how you play the game. Think of your mech as something between anime mecha and Armored Core.


2. You can move around like crazy.

Another thing you should know about Titanfall is that combat here isn’t the duck and cover mechanic you see in all first person shooters. You can use your surroundings not just as cover but as elevation, fulcrums and even mid-climb shooting. That’s right, you get a lot of mobility; the catch is you have to use it or you’ll probably not win. Or worse, die.


3. Titans don’t break the game, they’re actually just part of it.

Although your get the mech, that doesn’t mean you can Bellato your way to victory. Titans, just like any mehc, has limited mobility. this means you still have to rely on your reflexes, skills and good eye to find the best way to get around enemies and get from point A to point B. Sometimes, players even say a lone pilot is the worst enemy of a Titan.

Titanfall comes out for PC on Origin March 11, 2014 in the Us and for Xbox One on March 25, 2014. Xbox users can download the game in advance and be ready for game day.

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