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Titanfall Adds In-Game Currency, Insignias and Burn Cards

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Titanfall devs, Respawn Entertainment, have been busy adding contents to their game left and right, with its latest patch going live earlier this week. Now it looks they are again giving us something to look forward to.

The devs have introduced a concept not new to us, but definitely essential for any community to survive?the Black Market.

So what can we expect from the Black Market? Of course, you will need some form of currency. Respawn introduces a new in-game currency in Titanfall called Credits. This will be your medium when you buy items in the market.

Players can earn Credits through:

? Match Victory
? Match Completion
? First Victory of the Day
? Completing Daily Challenges
? Selling Burn Cards
? At level 50, a percentage of the XP you earn will be converted into Credits

Where can you use these credits?

So far, they have introduced two types of items that you can purchase?Insignias and Burns Card Packs.

Titan Insignias ? themed official insignias of elite units on the IMC and Militia. These will be available in your custom loadout screens once you have unlocked them in the Black Market.


Burn Cards ? Burn Card Packs will contain random Burn Cards focused on a specific theme. Some examples of themed card packs are the Standard Pack and the Time Boost Pack and the contents of these packs will be random. If you don?t like or need some of the cards you?ve got, you can sell them for extra credits.


Here are some important things to remember though:

? The Black Market is available at level 11 and once you?ve opened the Burn Card menu.
? The Black Market is still available after you regenerate, just like Burn Cards.
? If you are at level 50, you will earn a percentage of Credits for the XP you earn every match

Respawn says they will be adding more item types to the game in future updates, although they didn?t mention what they will be. In the meantime, let?s make do with what?s been given to us.

And oh, if you?re worried that the game will be leading to players spending real-money to have an advantage in-game, Respawn reassures us that Titanfall is not going towards that direction. They explicitly mentioned that the game will not be having any kinds of micro-transactions that have ruined many games in the past.

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