Titanfall 2 Won’t Be Microsoft Exclusive Says EA

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This might be one news all have been anticipating and it actually happened. EA will be the one who?s going to call the shots with publishing the next Titanfall. EA had already secured the rights for publishing the next game.

Obviously enough, the grounds for bringing Titanfall 2 is based from the first game?s performance in the market. It performed so well that it helped boost Xbox One?s sales greatly. That is extremely evident in the UK.

According to an EA representative, they cannot and will not give any comment to any of these speculations or rumors revolving around Titanfall 2, but their primary focus is to support ALL the fans around the world for enjoying Titanfall. This might be the one slight hint that the game will, indeed, be scheduled for PlayStation or Nintendo consoles.

The original Titanfall was only available for Xbox One and PC (Microsoft). Though the terms of how EA will handle the publishing of Titanfall 2 is not yet clear, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo owners can hope that they would also get a shot at playing the game on their consoles.

This possibility is backed up by EA CFO Blake Jorgensen by stating that he is ?sure? about potential sequels of Titanfall aside from Microsoft platforms which doesn?t rule out PlayStation and Nintendo platforms.

Respawn Entertainment, the creators behind the hit game Titanfall also stated that they are certainly going to make titles for PlayStation 4 too, but with the exception of the first Titanfall.

Even before all this buzz about Titanfall 2 going out from the exclusive side of Microsoft, a few days ago, Respawn Entertainment Co-Founder Vince Zampella did confirm that the first game will be the only one exclusive to Microsoft. His original tweet is right here.

This could mean a lot to Microsoft because Titanfall brought them a huge boost in their sales. With Titanfall 2 being available to PS4 or even Wii U, there might be a small possibility that it will dwindle a little and also a few reverses on pre-orders.

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