Titanfall 2: The War Games Update Increases Evacuation Chances, Full Patch Notes Released By Respawn

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The War Games Patch Notes
The War Games map features multi-stories buildings and large streets for titan combat

Another free Titanfall 2 update is coming soon and with it comes huge gameplay changes and new content to enjoy. Developer Respawn has recently dropped the patch notes for the update dubbed as “The War Games” and while the new maps and an additional Pilot weapon slot sounds exciting, there’s one huge gameplay change most players will be relieved to see. Additionally, more bug fixes and changes will go live in the War Games patch coming this June 27.

Consolation Prize

Each match in Titanfall 2 ends with the losing team being tasked to successfully evacuate from the area. Meanwhile, the winning team is tasked to eliminate all escaping players or destroy their evacuation ship — or both.

During this stage, all players regardless of team cannot respawn after dying. The losing team is giving a short amount of time to travel towards the evacuation ship and wait for a given time for the ship to fly into outerspace.

Aside from being a good consolation prize for the losing team as they still “win” in some way, successfully evacuating also gives all players of the losing team one merit point. However, it’s rare to see successful evacuations as the ship has to wait out the full evacuation time before leaving, even if everyone is already onboard. The latest patch fixes this issue as the “Evac ship will now leave immediately once all living players are onboard.”

2 Maps, One Extra Weapon

Aside from the aforementioned change, the update also adds the the War Games map. This VR-style simulated arena has tall buildings for close quarters Pilot combat and large city streets for Titan duels.

The second map addition is a Live Fire map called Traffic.  Like past Live Fire maps, this is a small map dedicated for Pilot-only combat.  Additionally, the map gives enough dense cover for snipers to take a potshot at enemies.

One of the biggest changes to the War Games update is the addition of a third weapon slot for pilots. With this change, players can now equip a pistol and an anti-titan weapon in their loadout.

More game mode adjustments and important bug fixes are coming in the War Games patch. Below are all the other changes listed in the patch notes:

Console Players

  • Press Y or Triangle to swap to your 2nd weapon.
  • Hold Y or Triangle to swap to your 3rd weapon.

PC Players

Use 1,2,3 keybindings to change weapons.

New Featured Mode: Free Agents

Free-for-all with a twist. Collect 3 batteries to call in a Titan. Battery locations are placed around the map. Pilots drop batteries on death.

Titan Brawl now added as permanent mode in mixtape matchmaking

  • Titan Damage in now tracked in the scoreboard.
  • More Private Match Settings.
  • Round / Score Limit
  • [Round] Time Limit
  • Pilot Boosts [On, Off]
  • Pilot Boost / Titan Meter Multiplier [25% to 500%]
  • Pilot Boost / Titan Meter Overdrive [On, Off, Only]
  • Pilot Health [25% to 500%]
  • Respawn Delay [0 to 40] seconds
  • Titan Core Meter Multiplier [25% to 500%]
  • PC only: chat box is back


  • Additional performance optimizations on Xbox One.
  • Added an easter egg to Glitch.



  • Replaced flag icons with stacked score bars.
  • A permanent flag icon is now displays the status of each flag [Home, <player name> / You have the Flag, SECURE / RETURN].
  • Flag status no longer displays after the winner is determined.
  • Display team Titan status.


  • Fixed exploit on Exoplanet where players could get under the map.
  • Fixed bug where stealing a battery from a rodeo would not give player any Titan meter.
  • Fixed issue in CTF where the flag would appear to be unreturnable.
  • Fixed issue with Legion shield not appearing sometimes.
  • Fixed a couple spots on Eden where Pilots were able to hide inside geometry.
  • Fixed issue with Tone where reload would happen during her execution.
  • Fixed issue where Ronin Prime execution played wrong audio.
  • Addressed issue where Pilots couldn’t enter evac while in phase state when using
  • Phase Shift. The trigger to enter the evac will now be activated when the player exits phase state.
  • Monarch no longer gets two Electric Smokes when using her Upgrade Core.

According to the game’s community manager, a trailer for the War Games will go live tomorrow. For more gaming news, make sure to check out The Bitbag.

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