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Titanfall 2 Update: Respawn Using Multiple Servers For Massive Multiplayer

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Titanfall 2

Electronic Arts will release Titanfall 2 in October this year with multiple server support from Microsoft Azure, Google, Amazon and Multiplay. The company has already worked with Microsoft for its previous Titanfall game, and now it is getting ready to test the new setup to ensure lag-free gameplay.

Respawn Entertainment?s lead engineer Jon ?Slothy? Shiring shared new details about the servers Titanfall 2 will run on. On the company?s official website, Shiring shared a video showing how the servers will run. The company is bringing multiple cloud servers together for the massive multiplayer gameplay.

The designer said that they have been working with Microsoft Azure. Titanfall is already running on it, and it has been working completely fine since the game?s launch. Now that the Titanfall 2 release is just around the corner, the company is expecting more players on its servers, and this is the reason why they are increasing the limits and expanding the scale of development by deploying a new server system that includes cloud services from the industry?s leading companies.

Respawn recently inked a deal with Multiplay and the studio said that they are working with Multiplay and studying how to bring all these cloud services in a single place. The UK-based company Multiplay has years of experience in building server solutions, and according to Respawn, they have been looking for such a team that could help them use servers of different hosting providers to ensure the highest possible reliability for players.

?It’s an entirely new system that no game has used before, and Respawn felt strongly that we should work with Multiplay to build this new service to meet our needs,? said Shiring.

The company wants to ensure the fastest server response time, and Shiring assured fans that Respawn will prioritize user experience over cost. All the servers will run from major datacenters to ensure highest uptime and a hassle-free experience for players. He also expressed his worries about the new system, saying that everything is completely new, so there are chances that the developers might face some problems before the final game arrives.

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