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Titanfall 2 Update: How to Play For Free This Weekend

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Titanfall 2

Anyone who hasn?t had the chance to try out one of the best Sci-Fi shooting games to date is in for a treat. Electronic Arts or simply EA is hosting a free multiplayer trial for Titanfall 2 this weekend. The trial will begin on November 30 for Origin Access members while everyone else is on December 2.

Furthermore, the trial is going to be available until December 4. However, the specific time hasn?t been announced at the present time.

Titanfall 2 Trial Contents

Titanfall 2

The trial will include all game modes, maps, and weapons. As a matter of fact, it also features the contents from Titanfall 2 Angel?s City Most Wanted DLC that is scheduled to kick off on December 3.

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Titanfall 2 Continues To Fall

A couple of weeks ago, there has been a discount which reduced nearly half of its original price. As a matter of fact, the discount continued through Cyber Monday. Under those circumstances, it?s almost as clear as day that despite all the critical plaudits, the game is still not selling well as it should.

Weekend freebies, as well as huge discounts for a newly released game, clearly shows that the game still fails to achieve its sales target. At the present time, Respawn could be hoping that if anyone would just try it for a little, they?ll find out how good it really is.

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Under those circumstances, people may actually throw their money in the right direction. However, that shouldn?t happen to an excellent and well-made game such as Titanfall 2. It?s heartbreaking that such a good game has to rely on that kind of optimism.

EA?s Future Plans For Titanfall 2

Fortunately, EA stated that they are still committed to the franchise. However, the Respawn boss Vince Zampella doesn?t know what that actually means. Hopefully, this weekend trial should get Titanfall 2 back on its feet.

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