Titanfall 2 Update: Forward Base Kodai Changes, Tick Post-Victory Kill Fix And More Changes

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Titanfall 2 Update
Source: Titanfall 2 – Live Fire Gameplay Trailer video

Recently, Respawn Entertainment Community Manager Jay Frechette confirmed about some Titanfall 2 update this April 10. Forward Base Kodai center battery location changes, Tick tweaks, Pilot Tactical player model implementation, and other bug fixes have been confirmed in this patch. Other than these fixes, no new content has been released in this patch.

Forward Base Kodai Battery Location Changes

Frechette’s post on the Titanfall 2 subreddit listed down the upcoming gameplay changes. The major changes in this patch are the Forward Base Kodai changes and the Pilot Tactical player model update. The Forward Base Kodai changes happened after the fans asked for the tweak. As of this new patch, players will now find the center battery location elsewhere. Batteries can heal Titans, which make it a valuable asset to control in matches.

Coliseum Pilot Tactical Update

The April 10 Titanfall 2 update will also have the Pilot Tactical update that binds player’s pilot model according to their equipped tactical. This update will help players recognize which tool the enemy players are carrying and react accordingly rather than just an aesthetic choice. However, a few tactical tools somehow feature similar-looking pilot models which can allow them to trick other enemies.

Tick “Spicy Boys” Bugfix Hype

Overall, the Tick bugfix just prevents Ticks from continuing to hunt targets even after the match has just concluded. However, the fans seem to be excited that the official Titanfall 2 update patch acknowledge Tick’s fan name: “Spicy Boys.” Thievasorous’ thread on the Titanfall 2 subreddit is credited to be source of this fan name. The Tick ordinance weapon is a spider drone that chases and explodes on contact, which makes it good for cornering foes.

Dead Players Returning Flags

Lastly, the Titanfall 2 update also fixed the Capture the Flag bug where dead players can return flags. Technically, dead players are supposed to be denied any form of agency to the game until they respawn back. Since they’re already dead, they can’t be stopped from returning their flag. This fix will be sure to keep it that way.

Meanwhile, one Reddit user asked about another Capture the Flag bug where the flag falls through the floor if its carrier dies holding it. Since the flag can’t be retrieved, the match could end in the advantage of one team and ruin the match altogether.

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