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Titanfall 2 Update 1.07 Hints At New Game Modes And Other Future Content

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Titanfall 2 update 1.07
Source: Titanfall 2 Official Titan Trailer: Meet Monarch video

The Titanfall 2 update 1.07 contained some new files that hint at future game content. So far, clues about new game modes and an Archon change are found in Titanfall 2 update 1.07’s game code and text bank tokens. Large Frontier Defense updates and new settings were also discovered in Titanfall 2’s files.

Future Content

According to the Titanfall 2 subreddit, many new game mode features and settings were found in the update 1.07 files. Major content like new Titans, gun, and pilot class information weren’t in the patch’s files. The Archon-related change was just minor text fixes and doesn’t seem to hint any new information about this Titan.

Potential Game Modes

Fans speculate that new game modes from the file such as Wingman Coliseum, lowered health and modified weapon performance mode, and shared Core Meter mode. The Wingman Coliseum idea came from an “enable_colliseum_party” playlist setting found in the Titanfall 2 update 1.07 files. Potentially, this “enable_colliseum_party” allows players to change restrictions in the coliseum mode and eventually use the Wingman gun that’s banned in a regular Coliseum match.

Meanwhile, the low_ttk and tactical_rebalance settings might be a hint at a new major game mode that sets players at half health and modify their weapons entirely. Details like the name and objective of this mode has yet to be found.

Lastly, the shared core meter mode allows players to gain their weapon upgrades even if they’re not performing well in the match. This game mode isn’t as punishing for newer players and encourages cooperative and objective-focused play for the experienced ones. We have to wait for the future announcements and patches to see if these game modes will be implemented.

Frontier Defense

The new Titanfall 2 update 1.07 files also hint of many playlist settings for Frontier Defense mode. The new settings show that Frontier Defense will feel like a standalone game mode as it’ll have its own currency and player level. Here’s the list of Frontier Defense-related information.

  • 3 waves setting
  • 2500 points to win setting
  • 4 players setting
  • Frontier Defense exclusive boost system
  • Angel City exclusive Frontier Defense setting
  • Frontier Defense exclusive currency and level system, could build up the mode to be a major feature like Campaign and Multiplayer.
  • Separate pool of unlocks and equipment loadouts for Frontier Defense
  • New NPC AI improvements for their ticks and AI according to each Titan types
  • New Arc Trap feature for Frontier Defense
  • NPCs can now use and lock-on with Archer rockets
  • Legion Gunshields will last indefinitely for NPCs
  • New Boost Icons for Arc Traps, Harvester, and Nuke Titan drop

If these hints are implemented in the live servers in the next major content update, Frontier Defense might be a bigger game mode than it is right now. However, the separate loot, level, and money used for the mode might turn off fans who don’t want to grind anymore.

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