Titanfall 2 Update 1.06 Live, Full Patch Notes For A Glitch In The Frontier

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Titanfall 2 Update 1.06 Is Now Live
Titanfall 2 Artwork Featuring A Titan [Image Courtesy Of EA]

A new update for Titanfall 2 just went live and there are a lot of new content to dig into. The update, called A Glitch in the Frontier, also makes several improvements to Titanfall 2. Here’s every important detail in Titanfall 2 update 1.06.

New Content Features

Titanfall 2 update 1.06 went out a little late says Respawn Entertainment on Twitter, but it’s now available for download. The update is around 1.3 GB and it’s probably a little big because of the new pieces of content being added to the game. In terms of new content, the update adds:

  • New Map: Glitch
  • New Live Fire Map: Deck
  • New Faction: M.R.V.N.
  • New Execution: Get to the Point [Pulse Blade]: Unlocks after getting 10 Pilot kills with the Pulse Blade. If you have already achieved the 10 kills it will unlock retroactively
  • Main Menu Update
  • Increase Pilot Gen to 100
  • Added Live Fire mode to Private Match options
  • You can now choose between regular, Prime, or random for executions for Titans if you own the Prime Titan

The new map; Glitch, looks to be an amazing place for pilots to maneuver in. The map is riddled with high areas and a lot of parallel walls for pilots to use. On the other hand, there are also a few open areas that would be good for Titan VS. Titan battles, but it feels like pilots have the advantage in the new map.

New Featured Modes

The patch notes from the developer also reveals that there are four new featured modes including Glitch 24/7, Marked for Death, Titan Brawl and Iron Last Titan Standing. These will be introduced sometime in the future.

Matchmaking And Network Improvements

As for improvements to Titanfall 2, an audio que will play to help notify players when the game is connecting to a match. Another new improvement cancels matchmaking whenever a player arrives in a party and makes it too big for the playlist. As for fixes, the Titanfall 2 update 1.06 fixes the bug that gets parties to split up. Another addressed issue is one where players could not invite friends after starting a private match.

Aside from these, Titanfall 2 update 1.06 also balances Titans and a few game modes. There are also a handful of bug fixes in the update.

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