Titanfall 2 Update 1.05 Leaks Future Content: Frontier Defense Mode, Vanguard Class, And More

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Titanfall 2 update 1.05
Source: Titanfall 2 – Colony Reborn Gameplay Trailer

Recently, the Titanfall 2 update 1.05 was implemented on its live servers. The update 1.05 patch notes reveal some titan, weapon, and skill stat tweaks and other bug fixes. However, fans seem to have found information about upcoming content based on files found in the latest patch.  

Titanfall 2 Update 1.05

Considering Respawn Entertainment wants fans to experience the changes for themselves, the official patch notes doesn’t elaborate on details. JeaneJWE’s thread on the Titanfall subreddit listed all of the changes on the Titanfall 2 Colony Reborn update, which has more elaborate details. This new update includes a new map named Colony, general and particular Titan changes, weapon tweaks, and bug fixes. Here’s a summary of the new additions as of this update.

  • New Map: Colony
  • General Titan changes like decreased core point gain and buffed Electric Smoke maximum radius
  • Scorch offensive skill buffs and defensive skill nerfs
  • Other Titans can now detect Tone’s missiles if they’re targeted and minor Tone tweaks
  • Legion’s now has decreased Smart Core lock-on time
  • Dice Roll activation cost now uses 50% of meter
  • Pilot melee attack tweaks to make it less reliable near corners and against airborne units
  • Amped Wall is no longer invincible and has 1000 HP
  • Additional Holo Pilot audio and visual cues to assist the player on their situation
  • Hemlok BF-R damage nerfs
  • X-55 Devotion damage nerfs
  • Mastiff Quick Reload fix
  • Kraber pass through depth buff and can shoot through Reapers
  • Charge Rifle’s Charge Hack will just make it charge faster rather firing shots instantly
  • LG-97 Thunderbolt range and speed nerf but receives damage buff

Future Content

Currently, fans have speculated the upcoming content found in Titanfall 2 update 1.05 after finding large amounts of code in the game. The new gameplay content ranges from a new playable Titan, Cooperative Bounty Hunt mode becoming the Frontier Defense mode and other multiplayer modes.

Communication and emoticons are also speculated as they found an announcement text in Titanfall 2’s text banks. Players can finally communicate via a few icons or pre-made texts. It’s still unsure if this system will be voiced. Fans also note that players can now invite players within the game rather than using the official Titanfall 2 website.

Vanguard Titan Class

This speculated new Titan class seems to flourish on an all-around playstyle rather than specializing in specific situations. Its Rearm ability allows this Titan to refill all of the cooldown of its three abilities. This reload skill may open up swift maneuvers for players. The Vanguard Titan will also have good defenses as it can refill shields through its Defensive ability. Overall, the Vanguard Titan might focus on speed and defense more than overwhelming foes with heavy damage.

Frontier Defense mode

Fans speculate that the Frontier Defense mode is the Cooperative Bounty Hunt mode that they’re waiting for. The data they found so far featured unique NPC classes, a PvE game mode, and a skill tree that encourages specialization than granting general bonuses. Some current Titans and characters will be reskinned in this game mode to become new enemies.

Titanfall 2 so far

The official Frontier News Network entry last March 23 promises some announcements this early April about their upcoming DLC. Fans will just have to wait if these upcoming content speculations hit the mark or not. Stay updated with more Titanfall 2 news here on The BitBag

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