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Titanfall 2 Tech Test Week 2 Review, What To Expect On The Actual Game Release

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Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2?is getting a lot of interest lately especially after last week?s final technical test. Even though the game still lacks a lot of the previous Titanfall features, thousands of gamers ?turned up? and played it.

When Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts announced the tech test weeks ago, they were quite sure that gamers, especially fans of the previous title, will find it a bit refreshing. Instead, they spent the first day after the first week of tech test answering queries and suggestions.

A lot of players complained about how different the new gameplay is from the original game. First among the long list of complaints is the general sluggishness of movement for both pilot and titan.

Titanfall 2 beta

Others also complained about the time it takes to acquire a titan. What Respawn did in the tech test is remove the passive timer for titan drop. This made it a bit more difficult for pilots to get into their mechs.

The pilot and titan HUD or heads-up display were also mentioned in the complaints. Players feel that the current version of the HUD felt a bit too busy. Also, a lot of concerns were raised about the visibility of players from behind walls.

Respawn and EA promised that they would make sure the stuff players loved from the original game will make their comeback on the actual game release.

Titanfall 2They also said that they will be tweaking out the pilot and titan mobility to further enhance the gameplay. The passive timer for titan acquisition will also be included in the final game release.

When the game comes out, pilots will be able to accumulate speed gains while chaining wall runs. Titans dash will also recharge faster.

Titanfall 2 will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Oct. 28. The game is already available on pre-order and comes in two different versions – Standard and Deluxe. Standard edition will retail at $69.99 while the Deluxe Edition is at $89.99.

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