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Titanfall 2: Smart Pistol Returns With Some Tweaks

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Titanfall 2 had one of the more impressive showings at E3, with two amazing trailers showing off the game?s refined multiplayer and all-new single player campaign. Fan response for the new game was generally positive, save for one huge concern: the Smart Pistol.

The Smart Pistol Isn’t Going Anywhere

Take a peek at any Titanfall 2-related comments section or message thread and you?ll inevitably find groups of fans debating on whether the controversial weapon should be included in the sequel. Unfortunately for them, Respawn Entertainment has already confirmed that the homing-bullet firing sidearm will be returning, thankfully with some changes. You can see the official confirmation right here on the official Titanfall Twitter account.

The developers did not mention exactly how Titanfall 2?s smart pistol will be different from its predecessor, but they have told fans to stay tuned for more details soon.

On Reddit, some fans have already suggested ways on how Respawn can make the gun feel more balanced and less infuriating to play against. ?I love the smart pistol. Everyone gets way too salty about it. I agree that it should have an audio cue when you’re being locked on and needs some other balancing done, but it was a super cool weapon and my favorite memory of titanfall,? said user HeroOfTime_99.

Aside from the audio cue, others have posted a whole host of suggestions ranging from small ones such as lengthening the lock-on acquisition time, to more drastic measures like making the gun?s unique targeting system only usable against Titanfall?s AI Grunt enemies.

Whatever the case, it?s clear that the Smart Pistol is here to stay and Titanfall pilots will have to find a way to play with and against Titanfall 2?s revamped version.

What do you think? How can Respawn balance the gun while keeping its signature flavor intact in Titanfall 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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