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Titanfall 2 PS4, Xbox One, And PC Cross-Platform Play Teased?

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Titanfall 2

Microsoft has not confirmed cross-play for Titanfall 2 yet, but if the recent reports are something to go by, players will be able to compete with friends on multiple platforms. Even Sony has not confirmed cross-play for the upcoming title, but an image appeared on the Web after E3 announcements, and it indicates that players can ?team up in networks.? It also shows the PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and the Origin logo on it.

In an Instagram post by eurynomestolas, the image features a Titanfall 2 game scene. Just below the image, there?s a text that reads, ?Titanfall 2 makes it fast and easy to play with friends old and new.? The image also suggests that more details are coming in the near future.

Although cross-platform play for Titanfall 2 has not been confirmed yet, fans on Reddit have started speculating on what the gameplay experience will be like when players from PC, PS4 and Xbox One compete against each other. Fans claim that EA is teasing the gameplay system and the rumors can turn out to be true. If it happens though, console fans may not be happy with the change. According to a user, Titanfall 2 should feature cross-play, but it should be between consoles only. Xbox One and PS4 users do not appreciate the idea of competing against PC players, especially in a first-person shooter, as console players are at a disadvantage when faced against users using a keyboard and mouse.

Meanwhile, some fans appreciate the idea of a cross-platform play, while others claim that the decision might turn off some players. No official statement regarding the matter is available to date, so it is better to take this cross-platform play interpretation with a grain of salt.

However, there?s a huge chance for a Titanfall 2 cross-platform play to become a reality. Earlier this year, Microsoft made headlines when it announced that the company would allow developers to make games that feature crossplay with competing consoles and PC. Sony, without mentioning Microsoft, released a statement suggesting that it is open to such an idea.

EA has confirmed the Titanfall 2 release for October 28 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. For more about the keep, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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