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Titanfall 2: New Content Reveal At EA Play 2017

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Titanfall 2 is getting new content in EA Play. [Image from Titanfall website]

Despite its lower than expected sales, Titanfall 2 has continuously rolled out substantial content updates since the game launched last year. It looks like the game is about to get even better, as EA has promised new content for EA Play. Due to the lack of a season pass, it looks like the content will be free, which should please fans.

Players have actually found some interesting files in the game’s 1.07 update, sparking plenty of interest from fans. A new mode was found, along with new titans and weapons to use, so that got people talking. With EA Play coming soon, it looks like we will find out what exactly the new content will be.

New Titans

Since they’re the main draw of Titanfall 2, we should see new Titans added to the game during EA Play. Thus far, we have only seen one post-launch Titan, so having a few more revealed would be beneficial for everyone. Expect these new Titans to get some livestream love on the event itself, since fans would like to see them.

New Modes

Multiplayer is a big part of the game, so expect to see a number of new modes added soon. Fans are speculating on a mode called Wingman Coliseum, as well as a number of unconfirmed ones found by dataminers. While the game is far from dull, fans would like to partake in new modes for the sake of variety.

Some interesting data has also been found regarding an unannounced Frontier Defense mode for Titanfall 2, which could end up being fun. The game could have it’s own currency and levels separated from the other modes, making it feel standalone and important. Players could get a good kick out of this cooperative wave-based multiplayer, since it might be better than Bounty Hunt.

Overall, we should see some of these during the EA Play event, which should get fans excited for the game. The FPS was already one of last year’s best, thanks to a good single-player campaign and a fun multiplayer mode. It’s definitely a huge improvement from the first game, which had a barebones single-player and focused more on multiplayer.

Titanfall 2 is available now on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC, with plenty of free content for all versions. EA Play will also cover other games like NBA Live 18, Battlefield 1, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and much more.

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