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Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Update: More Tweaking To Be Done Prior To Actual Release

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Titanfall 2 Multiplayer

Last weekend, gamers were able to test drive Respawn Entertainment?s Titanfall 2 multiplayer pre-alpha version. The technical test was conducted to test run Respawn?s cloud-based multiplayer servers for the game. Reports indicate that the test went well. However, players have been all over the internet complaining about the hitches and glitches of the game.

Among the top complaints is that the gameplay seemed a bit slow. Running and moving in general feels a bit labored and sluggish. This problem was observed not only for the pilots but for the titans as well.

Another problem that players said in the feedback is the mechanics of titan mech drops. In the original game, aside from player performance, mech drop is also influenced by a passive timer. In the tech test, players get to have their titans based only on their performance. Hence making acquiring a mech a lot longer than usual.

Finally, although not the last, is the AI. For the technical test, the Grunts and Spectres appearances are somewhat limited. Only the bounty hunt game mode offers AI-based ?players?. Other game modes relied on players alone and this made the game feel a bit barren.

After the initial tech test, Respawn?s Steve Derose released a statement from the official Titanfall blog about addressing the issues that players had during the test. First among the issues is the low pilot and titan mobility. According to Steve, the team has decided to tone down the speed of gameplay due to the erratic player movement. This fast and somehow chaotic movement contribute a lot to random player deaths. However, he said that Respawn will be adjusting the mobility in the next tech test.

Another issue that he addressed is the mech drops. He confirmed that the development team made a few adjustments by removing the passive timer for titan acquisition. Fortunately, this feature will return to the final game release.

The development team has assured that all of the major issues that the participants have raised will be dealt with in time for the game release.

Titanfall 2 will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Oct. 28.

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