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Titanfall 2 Monarch: What We Know So Far From The New Titan

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Titanfall 2 update
Source: Titanfall 2: Become One Official Launch Trailer video

Titanfall 2 dataminers found more information about an upcoming titan named “Monarch”. This unreleased Titan has already been found to be tweaked behind the game’s major updates over the last few patches. Here’s what we know about Titanfall 2’s leaked “Monarch” titan.

Latest Monarch Changes

According to Syampuuh’s Titanfall 2 Github files, the dataminers deciphered some of Monarch’s information through some files they found off the past few patches. Apparently, Monarch now has the “Superior Chassis” update which buffs her health from 10000 to 15000. The dataminers also confirmed some new unique assets for Monarch’s appearance rather than previously borrowing from the Tone Titan. There’s no information yet on which future Titanfall 2 update Monarch will be implemented in the live servers.

Previous Major Information

Monarch has made fans to keep tabs on it as the titan has appeared in previous patches and gets its update information posted along with the newer updates. Monarch’s known weapons are the XO-16 Chaingun(Primary), Rocket Salvo (Secondary), Energy Siphon (Defensive) and Rearm (Utility). Moreover, Monarch can apparently upgrade itself during battle and is a “Mid-range Vanguard-class” Titan.

Monarch’s Upgrades

As specified in the earlier leaks, Monarch has access to three upgrade levels. The upgrade bonuses come in kits and can only be chosen one at a time per upgrade. Monarch has different bonus focuses on each upgrade level which technically allows the Titan to adapt to the match’s current situation.

The first upgrade level gives Monarch boosts to her Rocket Salvo and Energy Siphon ability. Meanwhile, the second upgrade level hastens the Rearm’s animation, improves Electric Smoke damage against enemy pilots and Titans and allows Energy Siphon to give Shield to ally titans. Lastly, the third upgrade grants Monarch improved homing missiles and buffs both the Superior Chassis and the XO-16 Chaingun. Overall, pilots can play Monarch as a Missile Salvo artillery missile pod from afar, Utility support disruptor, or as a stronger version of its regular self.

Other Unreleased Titans

As of the recent builds, two other unreleased titans are also hidden under in the past Titanfall 2 updates. Dataminers have also confirmed a “Ramm” and “Archon” Titan. No changes were found about these two titans which leave fans clueless on the dev team’s current progress.

For now, Monarch and the other two unreleased titans have yet to have to receive their release dates on the live servers. Stay updated with more Titanfall 2 update news here in The BitBag.

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