Titanfall 2 Live Fire Update: Patch Notes Coming Next Week, New Custom Button Mapping Detailed

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Titanfall 2 Live Fire
Source: Titanfall 2: Become One Official Launch Trailer video

Recently, the Titanfall 2 developers confirmed that they will be announcing new patch notes next as week as they’re still polishing the Live Fire game mode. However, the developers confirmed that players can now have custom button layouts for gamepads. Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming Titanfall 2 Live fire update.

No Patch Notes This Week

According to Community Manager Jayfresh_Respawn on the official Titanfall 2 forums, it’s been confirmed that there won’t be a Frontier News Network post today. The FNN posts usually have an in-depth view of upcoming patch notes or major updates in Titanfall 2. Jayfresh_Respawn notes that they’re holding up the FNN post until all the new info for the Titanfall 2 Live Fire update is “100 percent locked.” For now, Respawn Entertainment confirmed other updates included with the Live Fire update.

Custom Button Mapping

As Respawn Entertainment is refining the Titanfall 2 Live Fire update, they’ve confirmed that Custom Button mapping for gamepads will be implemented in the next patch. Both Pilot and Titan settings can be mapped with this upcoming feature. Additionally, players will have the “Hold to Crouch” and “Toggle Aim Down Sights” controls for the gamepad, which are staple alternative settings for recent first person shooter games.

Button Mapping and the Upcoming Live Fire Update

Currently, Titanfall 2 gameplay is mechanical-intensive as the players have many movement tools like the game’s wall run, grappling hook, and high jump moves. Custom button mapping will allow players to re-tweak the controls to optimize and make it comfortable to maneuver any basic and advanced movement tools. This feature is definitely helpful for the upcoming Live Fire update.

According to the official site, the Titanfall 2 Live Fire update is a 6v6 pilot-only game mode with no respawns. Players who want to survive longer will have to take advantage of the game’s additional movement tools to survive enemy attacks and outmaneuver enemy players. Without respawns, players that can last long are definitely an asset to any team as they’ll always have a chance to eliminate others.

Free Updates

Additionally, the upcoming Titanfall 2 Live Fire update has been confirmed free for all its players. More than the game mode, the Live Fire update will also feature new maps, cosmetics, and user interface. The Live Fire update is definitely a major update for Titanfall 2 which may explain why Respawn Entertainment wants to polish it first rather than showing an unfinished version of it. Stay updated with more Titanfall 2 news here on TheBitBag.

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