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Titanfall 2 Gets Free Co-Op Horde Mode And New Maps

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Titanfall 2
Source: Titanfall 2 – Operation Frontier Shield Gameplay Trailer video

EA announced the new Operation Frontier Shield DLC which features the long-awaited co-op horde mode in Titanfall 2. This update will be given out for free and it also includes some new maps.

As seen on the official EA site, Respawn Entertainment talked about the contents of the new DLC. The co-op horde mode is called Frontier Defense where a team of four players will face five waves of enemies in a map. Each wave of enemies is stronger than the last.

Instead of being a regular horde survival mode, players will earn in-game credits per enemy killed in Frontier Defense. These credits can be spent to buy helpful power-ups to help you last longer such as Batteries, Arc Traps, Sentries and other helpful tools.

The new game mode will also feature a unique Titan progression system called Aegis Ranks. These ranks will give access to new Titan upgrades to help you in Frontier Defense mode. The upgrades and the new progression system can only be used in this new game mode.

The new mode will have five starting maps: Homestead, Forward Base Kodai, War Games, Rise, and Blackwater Canal. Along with Rise map, one of the new maps as of this DLC update is the Live Fire map, Township. The developers are also testing other maps to be included in Frontier Defense. As for other minor additions, new cosmetics like Elite Warpaints for Titans and weapons are also part of this new update.

Lastly, another Titanfall 2 free trial will be launched on all of its platforms later this July. Non-Titanfall 2 owners can play its multiplayer modes for free again this coming July 28 until 30. Since Frontier Defense is a free DLC, even free trial players can access this new content. Stay updated with more Titanfall 2 news here on The BitBag.

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