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Titanfall 2: Full First-Person Animations Being Considered By Respawn

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Titanfall 2

The?Titanfall 2?Technical Test?has recently concluded, and it received mixed reactions from fans. Majority of the gamers who played the original game didn?t appreciate the huge changes Respawn did to the sequel. One of the many issues fans had is the disorienting shift to the third-person perspective. Respawn Entertainment said they are now considering to make the full game playable in the first-person perspective.?

Fans? reaction on social media is not very favorable for the studio. After seeing the changes in Titanfall 2, fans request that some of the elements be kept the same as they were in the original game. Initially, Vince Zampella from Respawn Entertainment said on Twitter that the studio has no plans to make all animations in first-person. But after more fans gave their feedback, Zampella assured fans that?Respawn will discuss this suggestion.

Apparently, some fans want the full game to be playable in first-person as they lose track of where they are looking at after their character performs an animation.??Third person really makes it disorienting. And the feeling of getting into titan in the first game was epic,? wrote a fan on Twitter.

The perspective suddenly shifts to third person whenever players do flashy sneak melee attacks. This is also triggered whenever players enter their titan and use finisher moves on another titan.

There are also a lot more issues that players have with the game such as slower movement speed, bad map design, and a lot more. Players said that they looked perfect in the original game and should not be changed.?

Those who played the original?Titanfall game say Respawn should not have reinvented the wheel as the first game already felt perfect. Fans say that those elements are the reasons why players love the game. Changing things such as animations and core gameplay mechanics might shake up fans? interest in the franchise. The beta session also didn?t go well as many players didn?t enjoy the gameplay experience from Titanfall 2.

As the game is still under development, there are chances that Respawn will work on the issues. However, the developer hasn?t confirmed any upcoming changes regarding the game?s first-person perspective.?

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