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Titanfall 2 Easter Eggs Secret That No One Noticed

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Titanfall 2 Easter Eggs

Respawn entertainment is rolling out the new update for Titanfall 2 in order to improve the quality of the game. The new update includes fixed bugs, new features including in-game store, improved landscapes and many other things.

With?these features, the developers even added a secret easter egg in the game which no player has discovered yet. Respawn wanted the players to find the secret easter egg, for which they updated the game with the new field of view slider.

Titanfall 2 Easter Eggs: Find Nessie and a Secret Monster

Previously, the Titanfall had a little Nessie which is a Loch Ness Monster doll hidden in its multiplayer maps. The Titanfall 2 players have already found Nessi in the training mission. And it seems that nothing was left to be discovered in the game. Still, the developers wanted the players to find something hidden in the landscape of the game.

It is possible that there are two monsters hidden and the developers wanted the players to discover the second one. The view slider might help the players to discover the hidden easter ?egg and also help them boost up their FOV up to 110 degrees.

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Refined control options in the update

Apart from a hidden monster, the new patch even offers more refined control options. With the new update, players will have the ability to control sensitivity when aiming down sights. They can control their sensitivity separately from standard settings. They can even have many other advanced look control options.

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The developers have even added the new menu to analyze multiple player statistics, which they have been tracking since the launch of the game. There is also an FAQ section in multiplayer in order to address player?s doubts and questions. ?Apart from this, the game was even updated with an in-game store, dozens of bug fixes and balance changes to weapons.

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