Titanfall 2: In-Depth Look At The First Three Titans

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Titanfall 2

Respawn Entertainment?s Titanfall 2 will feature three different Titans to ride in the upcoming game. Scorch, Ion, and Ronin Titan units will have different stats and unique abilities. Aside from the new characters, the game still has a Titan that plays similarly to the ones from the first game. Despite the confirmation of the new mechs, their unique abilities are still vague which make it difficult to ascertain their actual use. Here?s a video from Titanfall Legends which provides a rundown of the titans and their unique abilities.


According to the official Titanfall 2 site, Scorch is a Titan that uses a single-shot grenade launcher and many fire-based moves to attack and defend itself from enemies. Its Firewall and Incendiary Trap isn?t focused on toasting foes in one go, but in zoning them out with persistent threats that?ll burn pilots and lay flammable land mines on the ground.

Its Defensive skill, Heat Shield, is said to melt artillery to protect your Titan. This defensive skill, however, puts the user in a disadvantage. It might leave the player vulnerable against large energy-based Laser attacks from other Titans.

Lastly, its Core skill is the Flame Core that sends out a ground shockwave. This skill will severely damage enemy Targets.

Titanfall Legends also notes that this Titan has no dash, which leaves the mech with no escape options. When using this Titan, players must obliterate every threat before it comes near him.


According to Titanfall Legends, the rifle-wielding Ion Titan shares many similarities with the Titans from the first game, so this choice will be great for returning players that are familiar with the original title. The official site lists Laser Shot as its Ordnance skill, which completely obliterates a pilot in one shot.

Ion?s Tactical ability Tripwire wasn?t shown in the video, but it is indicated on the site. It may possibly be just a larger version of a Claymore mine just like in most first-person shooters.

The Vortex Shield defensive ability allows players to absorb shots and redirect the full incoming fire. This is perfect against foes who aggressively shoot anything on sight.

Ion?s Laser Core will allow the Titan to shoot out a large laser beam from its chest and stop anything it hits. However, it?s unknown if it stops an enemy Titan by stalling it with huge amounts of damage or by just plainly holding it down with a large harmless ray of light.


Different from the previous Titans, the Ronin Titan in Titanfall 2 appears to have less armor, but is actually quicker due to its abilities. Ronin?s Tactical ability, Phase Dash, allows the mech to gain a phase out of the world and a burst of speed to reposition itself safely.

Its offensive ability, Arc Wave, sends out a straightforward ground-traveling wave that slows down enemies when hit. Perhaps to compensate for its missing armor, Ronin?s Defensive ability, Sword Block, allows it to put up its guard with the sword and reduce incoming damage as long as the player holds it up. Ronin?s Sword Core imbues his sword with electricity that increases its melee and abilities as well as provide access to unique sword attacks in such improved state.

Titanfall 2 releases on October 28 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. To know the latest news about Respawns? mech game, keep it right here on TheBitBag.

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