Titanfall 2 Updates: New Singleplayer Campaign Footage, Story Details

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Titanfall 2 Single Player Footage, Details and Story Revealed


Titanfall 2 is coming with something important that they missed out in its prequel – Single Player. Titanfall was an action-packed, fast-paced combat with giant Titans assisting your fights, and this game allows the players and the Titans to be as one.

Titanfall made history by giving the players a choice to fight as a Soldier, a Titan and both at the same time, However, the player base quickly dropped as they find the game pretty boring after a few hours or matches. The fans then demanded that if there will be a sequel, a Campaign should be made.

So how is Titanfall 2 different from the first one? Titanfall 2 now comes with a cinematic shooter and narrative experience.

While the prequel Titanfall focused on intense multiplayer combats and wide varieties of Titan battles, Titanfall 2 will give you the chance to explore and have some contemplation alone and delivers a fast-paced action and story driven gameplay.

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Titanfall 2 took nearly 2 years to give what the players wanted, as they prepare for the game launch on. It took them nearly 2 years to balance both pilot and the Titans, thus giving the chance to a Pilot and Titan relationship.

The quick look revealed some few characters, few possible enemies combat execution, a Titan in flames punching through a sphere, and a possible antagonist. As you can see, Titans from Titanfall 2 aren?t just a robot driven by their pilots


The Story

In Titanfall 2, players will play as Jack Cooper, a rifleman whose accompanied by the Vanguard-class Titan. Cooper always dreamt of being a pilot because of their skills to maneuver Titans in a midst of gigantic scaled gunfights. As BT-7274 the Vanguard-class titan ensures the Pilot?s safety, they will build a never before seen man-to-machine relationship.


? ? Titanfall 2 is one of the most anticipated games of 2016, it is due to release on October 28,20 2016. Available in PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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