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Titanfall 2 Beta, Update: Gamers Will Be Able To Play At 60FPS

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Titanfall 2 beta

Earlier this week, news broke out that Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts will be releasing Titanfall 2 beta test today. Unfortunately, there has been a bit of a misunderstanding from the developer. Instead of the beta test that was initially announced, they will be releasing a ?tech test? for the game. The technical test covers the pre-alpha tests for the multiplayer option of the game. According to the developer, this tech is specifically designed to stress-test the game?s multiplayer servers.

The tests will run for two weekends starting today. The first stage will be until the 21st of August while the second stage will commence on Aug. 26 and end two days later.

The first stage of the technical test will center on the basics. Gamers will be provided a few maps, pilot abilities, game modes, and a bunch of weapons. Players will be able to access two titan mechs, Scorch and Ion. Game modes will be Pilots versus Pilots and Bounty Hunt.

Pilots vs Pilots will consist of eight players on each team battling each other without their titans. On the other hand, Bounty Hunt is made up of five pilots on each team. The main objective of the Bounty Hunt mode is to hunt down the neutral Remnant Fleet while trying to fend off the opposing team. Points will be given to each confirmed kills.

Titanfall 2

After the first stage, the developers will add more pilot abilities, weapons, and another map. They will also introduce a new gaming mode called Amped Hardpoint. Which is somewhat similar to the original Titanfall Hardpoint. The only difference is, pilots who can hold a hardpoint get extra points.

On other news, Titanfall 2?s Art Director Joel Emslie noted in Gamescom that the game will be playable at 60 frames per second. The developers aim at the moment is to make sure that Titanfall 2 will not fall short of their frame rate mark. He also said that the game is best experienced in that particular setting. However, he did not elaborate on the maximum resolution of the game.

Sadly for PC users, the tech test will not be available to them. Only PS4 and Xbox consoles will be able to download the game. The reason being is that Respawn Entertainment ?and EA do not want some details of the game to be prematurely released by data miners.

Pre-order for the game has already started for PS4, Xbox and PC. Titanfall 2 is set to release on Oct. 28.

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