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Titanfall 2 Beta: Technical Test Review

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Titanfall 2 Beta Test

Last Friday, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts released the test for the new Titanfall 2. For the last two days, gamers have been enjoying the game for free. However, the Titanfall 2 beta, serves to test the multiplayer servers of the game and for players to send in their comments.

Top of all the complaints is the removal of the timer for the titans. This made it a lot more difficult to activate your titans since it is now based on the player?s performance. For example, the bounty hunt game mode. This mode consists of five players on each team, plus a few grunts here and there. Unfortunately, since the map is actually big enough for at least ten members each team, players tend to spend their time waiting for opponents. Thus makes waiting for their titans twice as longer.

Another complaint is the Attrition game mode or lack thereof. For those who are new to Titanfall, Attrition is the point-reward game mode of the game. Teams are awarded points according to the opponents they kill. Different types of opponent give different point-value. This game mode dictates who wins the match. Instead of Attrition, only the bounty hunt game mode offers similar if not the same type of gameplay. The other game mode, pilot versus pilot, does feel a bit lifeless because of this.

Players also registered a few minor gripes that they have with the current offering. One of which is the titan entry animation. EA and Respawn have made the entry animation to third-person instead of first-person perspective. This changed the feel entirely. It is now a lot more detached and impersonal.

Titanfall 2 Beta

Some gamers complain about the sluggish motion for both titans and pilots. Compared to the previous game, pilot and titan movements were much more fluid. This time around, it feels like they doubled-up on gravity.

The second round of Titanfall 2 tech test will continue next week. Players will be provided an additional map and game mode as well as new weapons. In this test period, players will be introduced to a new version of Hardpoint called Amped Hardpoint.

Titanfall 2 is due to release on Oct. 28. It will be available for PC, Xbox, and PS4.

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