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Titanfall 2 Beta Disappoints Fans, Not Better Than The Original Titanfall Game

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Titanfall 2 beta

Titanfall 2 beta is now live on Xbox One and PS4. However, one of the highly anticipated games which has just entered into beta, is frustrating fans. Players are complaining about the gameplay which is raising concerns over the game?s fate. Fans who have tested the game suggest that the gameplay looks more like Call of Duty and Battlefield and less like the original Titanfall.

Game developer Respawn Entertainment had planned the Titanfalll 2 beta technical test for sometime, and now that the session is live, the gameplay is unacceptable to fans. Fans suggest that everyone was so excited about this beta but there are some unexpected changes in the gameplay. The Titans look weaker than ever while the design of the maps is also not good and all these things make the game appear like the developer has taken a step back.



A major concern among fans is the AI in the Titanfall 2 beta gameplay. According to beta testers, the AI appears to be shoehorned into the game. The original Titanfall game was perfectly tuned with the AI, but the new game doesn?t feature a better AI at this moment.

The new Titanfall 2 beta features chunky gameplay which is not at all balanced. According to players, the gameplay has become slower than ever, the kill time is now too fast. Getting a titan in the game has become a long process and it is very hard in the new game. The new game also introduces the progression system that makes getting titans a little harder.

In the original game, players are used to getting titans frequently, but now they have to take the enemies down and wait for the titan to drop. This is a major change and it is not being appreciated by fans because those who will be joining the bandwagon for the first time will find it harder to get a single titan.

However, the current Titanfall 2 beta session is just for the testing of the game. The developer will surely make improvements in the game before it hits the shelves. The official release of the game will take place on October 28, 2016. The beta testing is currently not available for PC players.

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