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Titanfall 2 Adds Free Agents Mode With Double XP

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Titanfall 2
Source: Titanfall 2: Pilots Gameplay Trailer video

The new Free Agents mode update for Titanfall 2 has just been pushed on the live servers today. New rulesets and map pools will now be used for this new game mode. In addition to this new mode, Titanfall 2 will also reward double experience points when playing Free Agents.

Respawn Entertainment community manager Jay Frechette confirmed through Reddit that these two rulesets will be added to the new Free Agents mode:

  •  8 player requirement to start Free Agents mode
  •  Free Agents map pool now limited to maps where battery locations are only accessible to Pilots

The Free Agents mode’s new 8-player requirement assures that players don’t fight the same target and fill the map with enough action. Additionally, the map pool limit discourages players from camping battery spots especially when they’ve got their own Titan already. These new updates will definitely help balance out this unique game mode. Discouraging camping is definitely a priority in these “one versus all” type of maps.

Along with the update, a double experience event is also confirmed to come along with the new update. Players can enjoy faster growth to level up to earn more merits. According to GameOnDaily, the double experience event will only be applied to the new Free Agents mode.

Titanfall 2’s Free Agents mode is actually a spin on the “Free-For-All” game mode where all players can kill each other in the match. Since players have no official allies in this mode; they’ll have to be extra careful as enemies could come from any side of their position. Calling in Titans in this mode is also possible but only if they collect three batteries which could be obtained from specific spots and from other players. Winning this game mode relies heavily on a player’s individual skill and good judgment to survive as long as they can.

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