Tired of WhatsApp Messenger outages? Why Not Try WhatsApp Plus?

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Are you one of those people who are tired of the outages of WhatsApp Messenger lately? We have a suggestion for you. Why not try WhatsApp Plus?

It may be an unofficial service yet and you may not see it in the Google Play Store but WhatsApp Plus offers the same thing like that of the WhatsApp in a more personal way.

WhatsApp Plus allows users to send and receive messages, pictures, audio, notes, and video messages.


Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus (WhatsApp+) 5.65 from the web ( and install, simply by doing the following:

1. If you have conversations that you wish to save, back them up by pressing Option button. Go to Settings>Chat settings>Backup Conversations
2. Then, Uninstall older WhatsApp messenger and install WhatsApp+ apk
3. Click Agree and continue
4. If you have saved your conversations as stated in number 1, there will be a Restore button. Press it.
5. Wait until it restores your backup, then press continue. Then you can enjoy using your WhatsApp+
Now you may ask, what more can WhatsApp plus do for you; here?s the additional features and functionalities.

? If you wish, since WhatsApp plus is customizable, you can change the icon color into orange, purple and green. Plus, you can also customize you?re ?background setting, the chat header, message colors per category like unread messages, group messages, pending messages, and group name colors.
? WhatsApp Plus offers a higher media uploading limit of 16mb and expandable up to 50 MB; it also allows better quality images without the need for any reduction in the size or the quality of the image.
? It also offers users the chance to send voice messages; Checking the status of your friends has been enhanced too.
? Chat windows also received an enhancement by the new themes available to select from.
? You can also send your location and forward multiple messages in a group simultaneously. Plus, you can also partially copy and paste a conversation instead of copying the entire text for forwarding purposes.

WhatsApp Plus is available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Nokia.

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