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Gaming Habits: Tips to Improve Your Skills and Playstyle to Reach Top Tier

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Just like study habits at school, you?ll also need gaming habits to help you in the game world. For newbie players, this is like a walkthrough to reaching the top tier in your favorite games. Seasoned players might already be familiar with some things on the list but I suggest checking out the rest as well. Note that this guide only intends to cover gaming in general as I cannot cover all gaming genres with their specific playstyles. So whether you are a hardcore RPG, RTS or FPS player, this guide will hopefully still work for you.

Know Your Weakness. Knowing where you lack in skill and experience and acknowledging that you have one leaves you with room for growth and improvement. Claiming that you?re an expert in all aspects hinders your improvement by believing that you?ve learned all there is to know.

Set Your Goal. This one might be obvious but you really need to set a goal one at a time. By doing this, you can keep track of your improvements and planning ahead on what to do next. You can start setting your goals based on your weaknesses as stated above.

Become a Jack of All Trades. A veteran player knows all the aspects of the game instead of knowing only a single strategy or playing a single role. You can never find a top ranking player who only knows how to become a tanker or defeating enemies using only a single strategy. He/she is always versatile and is able to adapt to any situation in the battlefield. Mastering a character class or race is a good thing but you should always try out the rest.

Be True to Your Companions. You must remain loyal to your gaming companions and never let them down. These people notice things about you where you yourself don?t realize and good companions always try to help improve each other out. Criticize each other?s playstyle and also give them credit where credit is due.

Know the Enemy?s Weakness. Know this and exploit their weakness when discovered. This is not considered cheating when you?re giving the enemy an overkill because of a weak spot in their strategy. Then smile while giving them a good smiting because you?ve already mastered the first rule in this guide.

Be a Good Sport and Always Enjoy the Game. Games are not intended to spread hatred to your fellow gamers. A defeat can always be considered a good game as long as long as you?ve learned and enjoyed from it. Speaking of which, while a victory does smell, taste or feel good, you should always complement the defeated for their effort, even though they?re now claiming to have done something to your mother while adding curses in between.

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