Tips On How To Gain 5 Stars in Just Dance 2K14 and Dance Like A Pro

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Here are some tips on how to gain 5 stars in Just Dance 2K14!

Just Dance 2k14, as we all know, is one of the games which took the limelight of today?s addicting modern games. It is one of the so-entertaining-to-play games which initially gathered thousands of ?fans? a few months after it was first introduced in the United States in October? last year, during the press event called Ubisoft?s E3 2013.

Just to mention some basic information, Just Dance 2k14 was developed by Ubisoft Paris in partnership with its sister companies namely Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft, Pune, Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft Montellier and Ubisoft Milan. It is the fifth game under the Just Dance series and is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

I think the best thing about Just Dance is its ability to highly entertain a player or a group of players (maximum of four at a time) because you are required to use almost all the parts of your body. It?s not like the common games in the market that lets you use only your brain and thumbs to play. It is a matter of multitasking where you need to dance as you try to copy the steps being featured on the screen. Another thing which added a twist to this is the reality that most of the Just Dance 2014 games are accessible in public shopping malls? specific entertainment areas. This means that as you play, you have to deal with the hundreds of eyes watching over you.

But if you?re one of those individuals who are quite shy to show your ?hidden talent? because you are the type of person who loves to dance but thinks that dance doesn’t love you back, you must say hooray for today for here are some of the tips and tricks that will help you look like a professional dancer even with or without the presence of strangers at your back.

Search for the song you like to dance

Searching for a great song is the very first step. You must search for the song which you are likely to see yourself rocking. Make sure that that song of your choice is available on the Just Dance 2k14 Track List. There are lots of Just Dance 2k14 dances that are recorded and uploaded online by other ?JustDancers? as I call it. You may take a look at those pieces to be more familiar with the dance steps. I was referring to those videos which focused the screen and the dance itself for you to have a better look of the steps. You can download it also on your own phone or laptop so that you?ll never bother to search for it again on the internet.

Practice the dance steps

In every situation, the ever famous quotation ?practice makes perfect? really exists even in the world of gaming. Even the professional dancers underwent lots of hard work and practice to make their moves more graceful and their performance more alluring to the eyes of the viewers. If you really want to look like a pro, you must take some time to practice. So, by the time you dance in public, you are more likely to follow the steps easily and gain more stars. Note: Stars are used to measure your proficiency in this game. 5 stars means you?re incredible!

Sing as you Dance

This is one of the ?magic secrets? of the Just dance 2k14 that most of its players don?t know. If you?re an avid JustDancer, you must be aware of the song-dance-lyrics running placed at the bottom left of the screen. It is shown every time you started to play and dance. For you to gain more stars, you must sing along with the lyrics.

According to, ?For even more fun, Karaoke mode displays song lyrics on the screen so that you can sing along to every song. You are even given bonus for your vocal prowess, and as star of the show, you can take it seriously and show off how talented you are or just goof around with friends.? The machine is able to detect your voice as you sing a specific song while rocking the dance floor.

Make sure that the next time you play Just Dance 2k14 especially when you play it in public places, you will do these simple tips and tricks. I?ve already tried all of these, and wow, I ended up having five stars and beat my other acquaintances in a friendly dance battle. I really looked like a professional dancer now!

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