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Tips on How Chaos Marines Can Defeat The Hated Space Marines and Orks in Warhammer 40,000

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Chaos Marines are former space marines who abandon their Lord Emperor in Warhammer 40,000.

They started a civil war against the empire that has lasted for 11,000 years. The Loyal Space Marines, led by the Emperor himself thwarted their attempt to invade Earth. However, the Chaos Marines are far from defeated. They retreated and regrouped, and are still waging a brutal campaign against the Emperor and the Empire.

In Warhammer, a chaos marine player has two options to win.? Victory can be achieved by a quick attack against your opponent or hold off attacks and concentrate in building up your forces for a final showdown. Both of these options will require you to plan the structures and forces that you will build during the early stages of the game.?

Know your units and weapons because choosing the wrong build will certainly result in a brutal defeat. As a chaos marine, it pays to be aggressive against the orks and space marine players. You must send scouts as soon as possible to explore the map. Scouts can help you pinpoint the enemy base and predict their plan of attack. You can launch small quick attacks against lightly defended structures while expanding your base.

Keeping the morale of your troops is also important in Warhammer. Broken units are easier to take damage while the damage they give to the enemy is considerably less. Always keep a reserve force on standby and use them when the opportunity arises. Keep using the infiltration ability as often as you can. Infiltrators can help you launch sneak attacks that can keep your opponent off-balance.

Players of the Orks race have few but powerful technologies to research and their forces are very aggressive. To counter the Orks, you will need to minimize if not eliminate their population growth while seeing to it that they don?t kill a lot of forces. Preventing your opponent from researching technologies can help you gain the upper hand. Space marines however, are a well balanced force. The only way to defeat space marines is to quickly gather resources, construct vital buildings and research the technology you will need while preventing your opponent from doing the same. ?

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