Tips and Tricks for Katamari Forever: How to Make a Star Before the Timer Runs Out

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Katamari Forever and all the other Katamari games have a place in my heart right next to the Lovecraftian lore. But I?m not here to discuss if you?ve accepted Cthulhu our lord and saviour into your life or that The King of All Cosmos is the blind, idiot god Azatoth at the center of all eternity.

I?m here to discuss some general tips and tricks for reaching the sizes RoboKing asks you to roll. For some, it may be difficult especially when he asks you to start with paper clips and end with Guren Lagann sizes.

So how do you get your Katamari to such sizes that Roboking won?t find it hard to measure your creation since it?s so small? Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Master the controls.

This is really the first step to getting anywhere in any game. Learn how to turn, jump face the other way and dash. These controls may help you get those last few kilometres at the end and meet the mission parameters.

  • Being able to roll a lot of things at the same time doesn?t mean you?re getting the right size.

Just because you hear the sound and feel the controller vibrate, that doesn?t mean you?re on the right track. You might be getting items too small for you.

  • You know you?re on the right track if the items you choose to roll are picked up all the time.

When you keep on bumping into things you can?t pick up, you aren?t in the right area.

  • Look at how big the items you?re picking up are using the upper left measurement indicator.

Katamari is all about relative size. There is an optimum size to get a certain item. Try to remember which items make your Katamari?s measurements bigger once you pick them up at a certain stage.

  • When you get that heart, DASH!

If picking up a heart doesn?t end right away, dash to where there are large clumps or items. This picks everything up on your way that can be picked up.

  • If you knock something over, go back and roll over it again to pick it up.

Moving and barely-rollable items get knocked over when you?re just about able to get them. Go back to get them and see your measurements jump!


While I haven?t played enough of this game to tell you which items are the best to pick up at a certain time, the general idea with Katamari games is that you need to be rolling the biggest items you can at any time. This may mean leaving the items you were eyeing before behind for better ones.

Now, if you want to talk about The King of All Cosmos and how Katamari games reinforce my beliefs that the Elder Gods are stirring, drop me a comment!


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