Tinder Virtual Reality Headsets teaches People a New Perspective on Dating

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Tinder Virtual Reality

Imagine the luxury of staying at home and going on a date with a potential lover at the same time. Well, it seems like Tinder is going all out with their own version of Virtual Reality headsets.

But unlike what everybody imagined, both of the Tinder users should be physically close to each other to actually use the VR headsets. So technically, there’s not much VR in the entire ‘dating’ process.

So why did Tinder bother making their own versions of VR headsets when you can’t ‘virtually’ date?

Tinder designs their own VR Headsets

Tinder pulled a lot of spectators at the CES 2017 with their own version of the Virtual Reality Headset. Knowing that Tinder is more of a match-maker app than a developer of gadgets, everybody just got curious about their new “product.”

Unfortunately, Tinder’s Virtual Reality headset is created for marketing purposes than for actual virtual dating.

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As per Mirror, the singles-swiping app was only bringing the “fun” out of Virtual Reality. And while their VR headset received a lot of positive comments from spectators, Tinder also seemed to be sending a message for the people who are showing their interest to make VR dating happen in real life.

The company also figured that since Virtual Reality has been the latest trend in tech, they might as well make their own VR headset.

Tinder takes out the V from Virtual Reality

Tinder users should’ve guessed it sooner. Since Tinder is a dating app that brings two people together, the company realized that dating in person is still better.

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The only “virtual” thing that Tinder can contribute to dating is that people had to meet on their app first. If love does blossom from the dating app, Tinder’s goal is to have the potential lovers go out and meet eye-to-eye.

Tinder Virtual Reality

Tinder’s CMO, Ferrell McDonald, shared a statement via email clarifying Tinder’s mission in the field of love and dating. He said that the purpose of the headset is to have people at CES walk away with a new outlook of what’s real.

Tinder created a multi-user headset that allows two people to look directly into each other’s eyes. Making the “virtual” match-making more old-fashioned than futuristic.

After all, love is always better when two people are together.

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