Tinder Update: Dating App Now Comes With More Gender Identifications

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Tinder Update

Tinder has released a new update in the United States,?UK?and Canada for both iOS and Android. The new update will let users explain their gender more specifically.

The world?s biggest dating community has added thirty seven more options to clearly express users? gender and preferred match. These new options include options like transgender, transgender man, transgender woman, transfeminine, transmasculine, pangender and such.

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Tinder has posted a video on YouTube to explain this new update. This new update will bring the same experience for transgenders that non-transgenders are having on Tinder. The video also explains the problems that transgenders?were having. Now they can specify which group of people?they want to show their profile to.?They can also select the gender preference that they want to show up in their search. Moreover, they can also go incognito?and hide their gender as well.

?Introducing more genders on Tinder, an update allowing users to express their gender identity. Tinder asked transgender and GNC (Gender Non-Conforming) activists to share their dating experiences, on and off the app, to help shape the creation of this update,? the YouTube video caption reads.

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In a blog post, Tinder also accepted that some users have been blocked from using the service as other users unfairly reported them because of their gender. Anyone with such issues can now send requests to questions@gotinder.com along with their Facebook ID. A team of Tinder employees will review your request and will grant access.

Last month, Tinder updated its algorithm to increase the chances to find best match results for its users. The new algorithm rearranges your photos according to people?s response and will highlight the images with the best response. This will automatically improve user?s profile for best results.

The company says that the new technique has improved the match results by 12%. However, users can still adjust their desired photos. To find the difference Tinder prefers to activate ?Smart Photos Toggle? on the Edit Profile screen.

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